Thursday, December 21, 2006

Telephone companies, the sequel!

Lest you all think that the total sum of all Grizzwold experiences are bad, let me bring you all up to date on the telephone company situation:

  1. There's no new information on the lawsuit, but I have been assured that the phone company has paid the landscaping company (I got the check number and date of issue). Sadly, the phone company waited to pay until I was threatened with a lawsuit.
  2. The billing stuff has all but been erased, even the nasty collectors have gone away.
  3. I now have a new friend at the phone company, Mike, who managed to make all of this "go away" in a matter of hours (I personally think that I "primed the pump" as it were, but as long as ol' Clark is out of the woods, it's all good).

I'm hoping that this is the last posting on telephone companies, but remember....we are the Grizzwold's!


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