Friday, December 08, 2006

Pets, Dogs this time

We Grizzwolds love animals. Well, my kids and I do. Mrs. Grizzwold could really care less, although I have a new found belief that her attitude might have changed somewhat.

Grandma Grizzwold decided to raise West Highland White Terriers upon her retirement two summers ago. She got two purebreads and put them in the back yard and let them have the run of her place. Long story short, the dogs mated and had puppies. Sadly, Grandma Grizzwold hurt her hip and couldn't really take care of the puppies in the manner in which they needed.

In swoops Mrs. Grizzwold! We took in the whole litter (5 puppies - 3 male and 2 female) to the Grizzwold manse and took care of them from the point where they were getting around. We found homes for three of them right away (2 males and 1 female). The other two left were kind of sick. You see, puppies are pretty much born with worms. The puppies had been treated for worms once, but they need multiple treatments. None of the other puppies got as sick as the one female and male we had kept. Additionally, the male exhibited an irregular heartbeat! A couple thousand dollars (including a night's stay in the doggie hospital) both dogs were back in the pink!
We've since found a nice home for the other male as his irregular heartbeat has resolved, so we're left with our little female.

Thankfully, Grandma Grizzwold felt bad that we had to do all this for the dogs, so she pitched in some funds to help take care of them.


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