Saturday, December 06, 2008


Well, after a couple of weeks of torture and turmoil, the Dodge is fixed!

They did a nice job. I can't even tell where the accident happened! They washed the exterior and cleaned the interior. They even sprayed some nice smelling stuff inside. It almost makes me forget the following:
  1. It took two whole days just to get the estimate
  2. They lied about the kind of part they were going to put on the car (used vs. new)
  3. The insurance company denied (at first) to repair the damaged driver window, but after sending my dearest to talk to them, they relented and fixed it
  4. It took over a week to get the door
  5. The replacement door had a defective "check strap" that had to be replaced before they could release the car. The "check strap" communicates with the driver display to show when the doors are opened or closed and to lock the windows.
Nice. All things being equal, this was probably a normal experience with an insurance company. However, the car is instantly devalued due to the accident, even with the replacement parts. Any CARFAX report is going to pick it up since it was reported to the insurance company.


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