Friday, November 16, 2007

In true Grizzwold fashion

We had an extraordinary (and stressful) Grizzwold implosion recently.

Our youngest had been sick off and on over the past few days, so my dearest Ellen decided to take her to the Dr. I had been in a training class during the week, so I had finished that a bit early and started home when my love called me from the Grizzwold mobile in a panic. The baby (now 3) has pneumonia and has to go to the hospital. To add to the stress, she said the Grizzwold mobile was acting funny. The battery light on the dash had come on earlier in the day and now that it was nearly dark, the dash and headlights weren't working.

I found her in a close by neighborhood that was under construction. We swapped cars and managed to get to the hospital without incident. The battery was nearly dead according to the gauges, so I knew that it wouldn't be going anywhere after I shut it off.

Baby Grizzwold was admitted with bacterial pneumonia. She and her mom are there right now. She is getting better, but she hasn't kicked the fever yet. It got up to 103 yesterday at the pediatrician. Lots of love and prayers being sent her way.