Monday, August 07, 2006

She had a what?

We Grizzwolds are accustomed to having bizzarre stuff happen that wouldn't normally happen to anyone else.

Case in point. Our oldest of three daughter's plays fastpitch softball as a catcher for her local team. During a point of a recent game, she was hit in the right breast. Now, Clark, you might ask, don't catchers wear all sorts of protective gear? Right. They do. However, in this particular case, the breastplate had moved to the side or something and exposed her right boob. Over the course of a few days, it hurt more and more. It wasn't really bruised, although you could see seam marks from the ball. A lump appears and she starts to run a fever. The Doctor's suspect an infection (mind you, there was no open wound) and give oral antibiotics. Nothing really changes and the lump on her breast gets larger and it starts to turn red. Next thing you know, we're at the hospital for two days having an abcess removed from the area adjacent to her right nipple.

Kids being what they are, after the surgery she bounces back to play in a national tournament. I suppose you might think that since she didn't die from the infection, I shouldn't be posting this. However it's not the ultimate outcome that makes us the Grizzwolds, it's the circumstances and the wacky path that we take to get there.

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